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Average Wrongful Death Settlement

Wrongful Death Settlement

If you lost a loved one due to another party’s negligence, it can be difficult to think about filing a wrongful death lawsuit

Monetary compensation cannot bring your loved one back, but filing a claim allows you to hold the responsible party accountable and to get compensation for your losses. 

When you are considering a wrongful death lawsuit, you might be asking yourself: what is a wrongful death settlement average?

Wrongful death settlements can vary depending on the facts of each case. There is no average wrongful death settlement, but we can help you understand what kind of compensation you could get. 

Factors That Can Affect Typical Wrongful Death Settlements

The Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Act covers most wrongful death claims in the Philadelphia area. The law allows the spouse, children, and parents of the deceased to recover damages after a wrongful death. 

Some of the factors that could impact a wrongful death settlement include:

  • Cost of your loved one’s medical bills before the date of death;
  • Amount of lost wages after your loved one’s injury and before the date of death;
  • Your loved one’s salary, and lost wages as a result of the fatal injury after the date of death;
  • The severity of the injury, and amount of pain and suffering experienced by your loved one;
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the deceased’s family members;
  • Cost of funeral and burial expenses;
  • The defendant’s negligence or wrongdoing that resulted in your loved one’s fatal injuries; and
  • Amount of evidence the plaintiff has to support his or her case.

Since each wrongful death case has different circumstances, it is almost impossible to estimate a settlement amount.

Wrongful Death Settlements in Insurance Negotiations and at Trial

A wrongful death settlement also depends on when the plaintiff is seeking a settlement. For example, if a plaintiff is seeking a settlement after filing an insurance claim, insurance limits could prevent the plaintiff from getting a fair settlement offer. In this case, the plaintiff may need to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Once a plaintiff has filed a wrongful death lawsuit, the other side may negotiate a settlement offer. An experienced wrongful death attorney in Philadelphia can help negotiate your settlement.

Contact a Philadelphia Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death claims can be difficult and complicated. If you are hoping to move through your case quickly and negotiate a settlement, an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Philadelphia can help you. 

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