Philadelphia Abilify Gambling Addiction Lawyer

Philadelphia Abilify Gambling Addiction Lawyer

Our Philadelphia Abilify gambling addiction lawyer represents people injured by side effects of the antipsychotic drug Abilify.

Physicians prescribe Abilify to treat a variety of psychological, emotional, or nervous system disorders such as:

  • manic depression (also referred to as bipolar disease) and schizophrenia
  • depressive disorder
  • Tourette’s syndrome (nervous system disorder involving uncontrollable movements and speech)
  • anxiety and irritability in patients with Autism

Abilify Gambling Addiction

One of the most damaging side effects linked to the use of Abilify is compulsive gambling or gambling addiction.

This drug works by acting on a patient’s dopamine system, it affects an Abilify user’s reward-motivated behavior.

This signal to the brain’s reward/motivation dopamine pathway can lead to uncontrollable gambling behavior and addiction.

This side effect can occur in Abilify users who have previously gambled as well as those who have not shown any previous tendency to gamble.

Several studies have shown a link between Abilify use and compulsive gambling/addiction, including studies reported in the:

Abilify Side Effects

Abilify is linked to a number of side effects, including:

  • compulsive spending
  • compulsive sexual behavior
  • compulsive eating
  • compulsive gambling and gambling addiction
  • other compulsive and excessive behaviors

Abilify FDA Warnings

The FDA issued a safety announcement in May of 2016, warning that:

  • addictive behaviors, including compulsive gambling, are associated with the use of Abilify
  • gambling addiction and other addictive behaviors from Abilify generally cease when Abilify use is stopped

Abilify Gambling Addiction Lawsuits

Lawsuits brought by a Philadelphia Abilify gambling addiction lawyer allege that Abilify manufacturers Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.:

  • were aware or should have been aware of the increased risks of gambling addiction associated with the use of Abilify
  • failed to adequately warn doctors and consumers of this dangerous side effect, and
  • falsely and improperly marketed Abilify

Abilify Medical Malpractice Claims

At PhillyLaw we also represent clients in medical malpractice claims against doctors who negligently prescribed and/or monitored their patients’ use of Abilify.

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