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Philadelphia Defective Toy Lawyer

Philadelphia Defective Toy Lawyer

Our Philadelphia defective toy lawyer represents families of children injured or killed by dangerous toys. Toys that are defective (unreasonably dangerous as defined by product liability law) cause substantial numbers of injuries and even deaths every year. 

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) statistics reveal that an estimated 240,000 toy-related injuries requiring emergency room treatment occurred in 2016, alone.

Dangerous and Defective Toys

Under product liability law, unreasonably dangerous (defective) toys are toys that contain defects in their design, manufacture, and/or warnings. Toys with design defects are toys designed in a way that makes them inherently dangerous even when properly manufactured to design specifications.

Manufacturing defects occur in toys that were safely designed but improperly manufactured so as to render them unsafe. Toys with warnings defects (also called marketing defects) are toys with warnings and/or instructions that are inadequate to inform consumers of potential hazards that could be avoided.

When a defective and dangerous toy injures or kills a child, the manufacturer and others in the toy’s distribution chain can be strictly liable for the child’s injuries or death. Product liability cases handled by a Philadelphia defective toy lawyer include those arising out of injuries or deaths caused by:

  • toys containing lead or decorated with lead paint
  • toys that release projectiles
  • toys with defects that cause them to catch fire or explode
  • toys with small pieces that can easily loosen or fall off
  • toys with strings or cords
  • balloons
  • toys with magnets that children can swallow
  • toys requiring batteries that children can swallow
  • toys with sharp or pointed parts or edges
  • inaccurately labeled toys or toys with inadequate warnings and instructions
  • toys with improper age recommendations

As harmless as most toys may appear, defective toys can cause catastrophic injuries or death to a child of unsuspecting parents. Serious and often deadly injuries sustained by children exposed to dangerous toys include:

  • strangulation (toys with cords or strings that become entangled around children’s necks)
  • asphyxiation / suffocation (swallowed balloon pieces)
  • burns (battery operated Fidget Spinners and other toys that can catch fire when charging)
  • choking (toys with small parts or toys with pieces that break off)
  • lead poisoning (lead-painted toys that can fit in children’s mouths)
  • lacerations / cuts (toys with sharp edges)
  • puncture wounds (toys with sharp points)
  • broken bones (bicycles, hobby horses, and other mountable toys)
  • electric charge injuries (swallowed batteries)
  • severe internal injuries (swallowed magnets)
  • eye injuries (toys with projectiles)
  • wrongful death

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