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Good Samaritan Killed at Crash in Lehigh County

Lloyd Musick 49 Lehigh County

Lynn, PA (November 21, 2019) – A good samaritan died Tuesday night at the scene of a crash. The initial collision happened on Route 309 around 5:30 pm. 

A car and a pickup truck caused the first crash.

That crash prompted three other vehicles to pull over to the side of the road to help.

As the drivers of those cars exited their cars, a mini-van struck them. 

Lloyd Musick, 49, died from blunt force traumas at the scene. Two other occupants of the latter three vehicles suffered severe injuries.

EMTs flew one to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

PhillyLaw would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of the victim during this rough time. If you or a loved one were involved in a pedestrian accident, it is important to contact a legal expert to help you evaluate your options.

This information is from secondhand sources and none of it has been independently verified.

If you see incorrect information or would like a family member’s name removed simply click this link, REMOVE POST.

Sources: CBS Philadelphia, US News



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