Were You Involved in a SEPTA Crash?

Were You Involved in a SEPTA Crash

SEPTA, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, provides transportation for millions of people annually.

While a SEPTA train, light rail, or bus may be the best way for you to get from Point A to Point B, SEPTA isn’t without accidents.

Indeed, there are numerous accidents reported and injury claims filed against SEPTA each year.

If you’ve been involved in a SEPTA crash, whether a SEPTA train crash, SEPTA bus crash, or another SEPTA accident type, you have rights. Our attorneys at the office of PhillyLaw LLC can help. Reach us today to learn more.

What to Do After a SEPTA Accident?

Being involved in a SEPTA accident can be terrifying. While you may feel overwhelmed by the incident, taking the following steps can be critical to your financial recovery.

  • Hold on to your SEPTA incident card, which should be given to you at the accident scene. This card will help to prove that you were involved in the accident.
  • Seek medical care, even if you don’t think your injuries are serious or you don’t have great healthcare. You deserve to be treated for your injuries, and failing to seek medical care could impede your ability to seek compensation.
  • Gather any evidence you can at the scene of the SEPTA accident, such as pictures of damages and names of other passengers or witnesses.
  • Provide notice to SEPTA as soon as possible. If you fail to notify SEPTA that you’ve been in an accident, have suffered injuries, and plan to pursue damages, your claim could be denied. The time limit to file a notice of intent is six months.
  • Call an attorney. Following a SEPTA crash, you’ll want an attorney working on your side, especially if your damages are serious.

Who’s Liable for Damages?

SEPTA is protected from liability, in part, by Pennsylvania’s Sovereign Immunity Act. However, SEPTA can be held liable for accidents that involve a vehicle in motion and which are caused by negligence. As such, if you can prove that SEPTA or a SEPTA driver’s negligence was the cause of your accident and injuries, you can hold the Transit Authority liable for your harm.

How Our SEPTA Accident Attorneys Can Help

SEPTA accident claims can be tricky to navigate. Not only is filing a claim against SEPTA a process in itself, but SEPTA then may deny your claim or offer you way less than you deserve.

If either of these things happen, you may have no idea what steps to take next or how to get the settlement you deserve. That’s where working with an experienced lawyer comes in.

At the law office of PhillyLaw LLC, our experienced SEPTA attorneys know how to file your SEPTA claim, gather evidence to prove negligence, calculate your damages, and aggressively negotiate with SEPTA to reach a settlement agreement that is fair and just.

To learn more about how our lawyers can help you with your SEPTA bus crash, or SEPTA train crash, please reach out to us by phone at (215) 883-8281 or online to schedule a free consultation. We work on a contingency fee basis.


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