Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

commercial vehicle accident

Companies often use vehicles to deliver goods to customers or for their employees to use as part of their day-to-day activities.

Other companies are in the transportation business, so moving people around is what they do to get paid.

With so many commercial vehicles on the road, accidents are bound to happen. However, these accidents are a little bit different than collisions involving private parties.

Businesses typically have larger insurance policies and usually an army of investigators and lawyers on their payroll, all with one goal—to reduce the amount of compensation they pay out after an accident.

Indeed, after a collision involving a company car, the business might send an investigator to the scene within an hour, with the specific goal of digging through the wreckage to find anything that can let the company off the hook for the accident.

If you have been involved in a commercial vehicle accident, contact us at PhillyLaw today We will help you understand your rights and will act as an advocate looking out for your best interests.

What are the Leading Causes of a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

  1. Inadequate maintenance

    Many company vehicles are driven for thousands of miles each week, much more than the typical car. Vehicles will break down much more frequently and can become unmanageable on the road if the owner does have it serviced regularly. Other companies might cut corners with maintenance by going to an inexperienced mechanic for repairs.

  2. Driver error

    A driver in a company vehicle can make many of the same mistakes as other motorists, including becoming distracted by cell phones or text message. A driver might also be under pressure to reach a destination in a timely manner and drive too fast for conditions or drive for too long, causing him to become drowsy. Driver error includes careless mistakes as well as aggressive driving that is careless and sometimes reckless.

  3. Unbalanced cargo

    Detailed regulations exist for loading cargo into tractor-trailers and other vehicles. If cargo is loaded improperly, it can become unbalanced and cause a vehicle to roll over.

  4. Intoxication

    Some employees deal with stress on the job by drinking or doing drugs. Impaired drivers are at an increased risk of getting into an accident since both their judgment and their reflexes are impaired.

If the driver or company is to blame for the collision, then the company’s insurance policy usually comes into play to pay compensation.

You will need to have a lawyer to work with the insurance company to negotiate a settlement that covers your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

What if I Was Involved in an Accident in a Company Vehicle?

There are situations where employees are driving a company vehicle when they get into a crash that is not their fault.

For example, another motorist might have run a red light and slammed into you while you were in the intersection, or someone could have struck the company vehicle in the rear while it was stopped.

Generally, the law in Pennsylvania is that the driver who is responsible must pay compensation to injured victims. This means that the driver who struck you is liable, and you would submit a claim to that driver’s insurance company.

However, it isn’t always so clear whether your own company’s insurance policy could kick in to cover you in a commercial vehicle accident. For example, the company might have underinsured motorist (UM) coverage, which could pay compensation if the at-fault driver’s insurance policy is exhausted.

It is best to meet with a seasoned car accident lawyer in Philadelphia who can check which insurance policies are in play.

The more insurance, then the more likely our clients are to receive full compensation after a commercial vehicle accident.

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Commercial vehicle accidents represent some of the more complicated vehicle cases that we have dealt with here at PhillyLaw. Not only are there usually multiple insurance policies that are potentially applicable, but large insurance carriers aggressively defend these cases.

If you try to handle your own claim yourself, you could easily find yourself in over your head and agreeing to settle for an insufficient sum of money.

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