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Philadelphia Defective Children’s Product Lawyer

Philadelphia Defective Childrens Product Lawyer

Our Philadelphia defective children’s product lawyer represents families of children injured by dangerous and defective children’s products. Federal consumer product safety standards govern the manufacture of children’s products (products designed or intended primarily for children 12 years or younger).

Despite these rules, a great many children’s products released to the market and purchased for use are unreasonably dangerous/defective under the law.

These safety standards are minimum standards for the safe production and sale of children’s products. For this reason, children’s products can be “defective” under product liability law even if they comply with federal safety standards.

When a product is unreasonably dangerous due to design, manufacture, or warnings defect, the manufacturer and others can be liable for injuries caused by the defect.

Children’s products that can cause a child’s serious injury or death include, but are not limited to, defective children’s:

  • toys
  • clothing, including children’s sleepwear
  • pacifiers and rattles
  • car seats
  • high chairs
  • portable hook-on chairs
  • strollers
  • swing sets and other play equipment
  • slings, hand-held infant carriers, and other baby carriers
  • cribs and crib mattresses
  • mobiles, mattress pads, and other crib accessories
  • bunk beds
  • furniture
  • playpens and play yards
  • sports equipment
  • tricycles and bicycles
  • electric cars
  • scooters
  • bassinets
  • skate boards
  • baby monitors
  • infant walkers
  • infant swings

Injuries Caused by Defective Children’s Products

Some examples of defects and injuries that may give rise to cases handled by a Philadelphia defective children’s product lawyer include:

  • severe burn injuries or death from flammable children’s clothing
  • strangulation injuries or death from clothing with strings or cords that become caught around an infant’s or young child’s neck
  • strangulation injuries or death from baby monitors with cords that get entangled around a baby’s neck
  • compression asphyxia/suffocation injuries or death from slings and other infant carriers that press against infants’ noses and mouths and hinder or cut off breathing
  • crushing injuries, fractures, or death from unstable and unsecured children’s furniture easily pulled down by a small child
  • fall injuries or death from infant swings, high chairs, and other products with inadequate restraints
  • fall injuries or death from swing sets and other play equipment that does not hold a child’s weight
  • fractures and lacerations from strollers with no protection against metal parts that can trap a child’s fingers or hand
  • impact or suffocation injuries or death from child car seats with inadequate buckle and / or strap restraints
  • strangulation injuries or death from cribs, playpens, highchairs, and other products that enable children to become caught between leg openings, rungs, or slats
  • suffocation/asphyxiation injuries or death from children’s bean bag chairs with zippers that enable access to the chairs’ interior where children inhale foam pellets that stuff the chairs
  • injuries or death from toys with small parts, lead-paint coatings, sharp edges, and other hazards (see Philadelphia Defective Toy Injury Lawyer for more information on dangerous toy injury cases.)

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